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Yes socialism

Press release

The Yes Solidarity for Hungary Movement, established last Spring, has succeeded to step onto the Hungarian political map, in particular on its left side that has been abandoned by some others now forming a civic opposition alliance – said about the year 2020 the Party’s president, Ms Andrea Huszti.

According to Ms Huszti her party surpassed the 1 % measurability line during less than one year and created a coherent leftist political programme, which makes also clear the organization’s long-run vision, namely socialism, alike many other progressive parties and movements around the globe. In representation of such programme YesSolidarity has elected its prime minister nominee Mr, Tibor Szanyi, a former Member of the European Parliament.

The Party stands in fierce criticism towards profit monger capitalism, naming it a clientele’s capitalism, prevailing in Hungary.

In the short-run, however, YesSolidarity wants to achieve an individual leftist political group or faction in the Hungarian National Assembly due to be elected in 2022, since the Party is convinced that there are more people for the elimination of the social, moral and environmental crisis in this country than the 5 % parliamentary threshold.

Hungarian electoral legislation and the relevant political climate requires YesSolidarity to launch candidates of its own in all the 106 constituency and a similar election list.

“We do have a clear vision, a programme worth to be followed and adequate candidates” – declared Ms. Huszti.

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